Our Service Commitment

We value our clients and operate on the principal of fairness and value added service together with personal attention to every case for minute details. Each case is handled by an experience Registered Migration Agent. Our clients are able to communicate directly with us at any time of the day (via email). Each case is thoroughly studied and meticulously prepared before submission to the Department of Immigration and skill assessing authorities (if applicable).

Initial Assessment

We do not charge for the initial assessment to ascertain your eligibility for the most suitable Visa category. Please complete the below Enquiry Form or send us an email with detailed information about yourself and your family as you can, so that we can give you our best advice and opinion.

Engagement of Services

After we have thoroughly analysed the information you have provided to us, and if in our opinion you meet the eligibility criteria of a visa for Australia, we will provide you with our Engagement of Services contract with detailed fee of our services. We would also like to advice that our initial assessment is based on the information provided by you to us and does not involve health and character assessment of your application (which will be done the Department of Immigration).

Visa Services

Once you have formally appointed us to act on your behalf (by signing the service agreement), and we have agreed to provide the agreed service, we will take the full responsibility of your case, including but not limited to liaison with skill assessing authorities, education provider, Department of Immigration and any other statutory or regulatory body required for the successful outcome of your visa application. We appreciate, once the application is lodged you will be keen to find out the outcome of your application. Department of Immigration has different processing time lines for each visa category and is beyond our control. We are unable to influence the shortening of timeline but will keep you informed whenever there is any update on your application.

Our Fees

We understand each client may require different level of advice/service with their visa application and therefore should be charged accordingly. Our affordable fee structure is payable in installments as your case progress. Only in rare circumstances, we expect our clients to pay the full fee in advance. We will be outlining in service agreement time and fee payable at each stage.,

Skill Assessment Service

One of the key criteria of any application under the skilled stream categories of Australian visas require a positive skills assessment from relevant skill assessing authorities (VETASSES, Trade Recognition Australia, Australian Computer Society, Engineers Australia etc) . It is important that your application for skill assessment is handled by an experienced Australian Registered Migration Agent. This starting point may be a make or break for your dream of getting an Australian Visa. Over the years, we have successfully dealt with all the assessing authorities thus understand the degree of documentation and application process.

Temporary Visa Service

Australia offers various options for Temporary visas under following categories:

  • Student and Training Visas
  • Visitor Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Family and Spousal Visas
  • Work and Skilled Visas

These visas allows you to stay in Australia for a specified period. It is important that you explore the best option of Temporary Visa, which may lead to Permanent Visa at a later stage.

Permanent Visa Service

Permanent Visas of Australia as the name suggest allows you to stay permanently in Australia. Permanent Visa holders are also eligible to acquire Australian Citizenship (provided they meet the required eligibility criteria). Contact us immediately to explore your best options of Permanent Visas under following categories:

  • Skilled Migration
  • Employer Nomination
  • Regional Sponsorship
  • Business Visas
  • Parent Visa
  • Contributory Parent Visa
  • Partner Visa

Review Services

You might be able to apply to Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) for review, if your visa is canceled or your application of visa application is refused. We advice all our clients to take due care in lodging the review application and seek expert advice of a trusted Migration Agent before applying for review of the decision. As a standard practice, we will review your documents thoroughly before applying to AAT for review of the decision made by the Immigration Officer.

Over the years we have also assisted our clients for applying for Ministerial Intervention and we are proud of getting favorable decisions for our clients.